Four-year college

  • We were the first No.1 professional department accredited by Ministry of Education in Taiwan. We cultivate social workers for elderly and long-term care business administration with humanistic literacy and care competencies. That is in line with long-term care policies, social trends and industrial needs.
  • Students who graduate can obtain long-term care facilities CEO/ agency qualifications.
  • We emphasiz practical internship courses by planning semester internships that echo the "last mile" of the Ministry of Education to connect students to employment. Students graduate to work, and have experience during their learning.
  • We actively expand the internships in overseas institutions, the development of technology and AI care capabilities, the reversal of practical courses, the innovative learning of teachers and students, and the implementation of university social responsibility experience to foster a full range of services for the elderly.

Master program

  • We were the first in Taiwan to set up the master program for the development of long-term care facilities, policies and welfare services for the elderly, and to cultivate advanced management talents.
  • Graduate students can participate in overseas long-term care facilities visits and international conferences.
  • We are the most advanced master program institutes in the long-term care on both sides of the Taiwan Straits.
  • We are the first to introduce technology and AI care implementation and experience courses.
  • Together with the "Taiwan Senior Citizens Service Management Association", " Kuang Tien General Hospital", "Ren Shin Wellness Park" and " Hondao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation ", we cultivate together the long-term care facilities CEO/ leader.
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