Seminar  Room

Classrooms for postgraduate program, and provide graduate students for research, self-study, group discussion and recreation.

Master program

Related courses:Long-Term Care Issues Seminar(Ⅱ)、Research Institution Operation of the Elderly、Senior Commodities and Services Research、Senior Activities Research、Innovations in Senior Service

Group work lab

The wooden floor classroom provides group Guidance and Counseling and activity courses, which is a free application space.

Four-year college

Related courses:Activities for the Elderly and Heath Promotion、Senior Physical Fitness、Expressive Arts Therapy、Care Prevention and Deferring Aging、Social Group Work、Table Game in Long-Term Care

Case work lab

Four-year college

Related courses:Social Casework、Interpersonal Relationships and Communication Skills、Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

Reading Room

This space is like a library with related professional books for students to read, and students can study independently and conduct group discussion.

Four-year college

Related courses:Program Planning and Evaluation、Workplace and Practical Experience(I) (Ⅱ)

Aged Simulation Exercise Classroom

This space leave course-related equipment, such as experience equipment for the elderly, to allow students to experience the inconveniences in life and activities caused by the aging, as well as assistive equipment for the elderly, such as electric wheelchairs and stair climbing machine, to facilitate students’ practice for the training of the equipment, it also provides related equipment for the physical fitness test of the older adults, and also provides students to give presentations of their work.

Four-year college

Related courses:Program Planning and Evaluation、Workplace and Practical Experience(I)(Ⅱ)、Geriatric Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology、Senior Physical Fitness

Monitoring room

This space is connected to the cameras of various professional classrooms to record the teacher/student’s rehearsal status, and can be synchronized with other classrooms to watch the rehearsal status of different professional classrooms.

Four-year college

Related courses:Activities for the Elderly and Heath Promotion、Social Group Work、Social Casework

Senior Puzzle Well-being Center & Day Care Simulated Experience Classroom

This space is configured to simulate the field of long-term care. It contains furniture specially designed for the elderly. In response to the trend of technological care, it is equipped with a balance assessment system, a long-term care system, smart clothes, health bracelet, smart indoor positioning system, and autonomic nerves analysis system. Those are equipment can obtain relevant data for analysis, and students can understand the relevant results in detail to facilitate course teaching.

Four-year college

Related courses:Housing and Planning for Elderly、Long-Term Care Facilities Operations、Long-Term Care Business Administration and Quality Management、Geriatric Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology、Workplace and Practical Experience(I) (Ⅱ)

Master program

Related courses:Research Institution Operation of the Elderly、Research of Intelligence Management and Technology Care