There are more than 50 million people with dementia in the world. In order to reduce the impact of dementia and aging on society, students in department of Senior Citizen Welfare and Long-term Care Business(master program), Hung Kuang University, launched the “Playing Puzzle Game Around the Island of Taiwan with Elders. ” Lohas activities for elders for the first time this year. In just one month after the implementation, five days of summer vacation will be used to serve in 10 Long-term care institutions in the western half of Taiwan, and bring joy to the elderly through activity courses.

Deputy Director Yu pointed out that students go to 10 Community integrated services in indigenous region to provide services, and special arrangements are made for elders with dementia. Before students have an internship, they should first understand how the industry takes care of their elders, so that they can integrate with the industry more quickly after graduation.

Students said that in addition to using what they have learned, they can also learn the care methods of different institutions. In class, teachers tell them in a professional way. They remind students not to joke about their elders. When they enter the institution, they find that some elders like easy and humorous way of interaction.