To enable students to practice ready to go to Japan to quickly enter the workplace environment. The teacher from department of Senior Citizen Welfare and Long-term Care Business(master program), Hung Kuang University planned a 5-days courses, Japanese classes during the day and internship at a long-term institution in the afternoon.

The internship experience courses include chair exercises, aerobics, assistance in getting up and going to the toilet, activity leadership, refreshment preparation, and accompany pick-up and drop-off, so that students can fully understand how to bring elders in wheelchairs for activities and how to maintain the safety of elders. They must be eaten pay attention to those, every detail is observed and recorded, the training course is systematized, and reports and feedback are shared at the end of the course.

The students said that Japans long-term care industry has developed very well and is the object of observation in Taiwan. Therefore, since the sophomore year, they plan to go to Japan for internships and want to learn the Japanese operating model. She has been studying Japanese in a cram school for more than a year. This time, through the 5-day short-term training, accompanied by a Japanese teacher, she helped a lot. Although the internship will be held next year, and there is now a new crown pneumonia epidemic, the opportunity is for those who are ready at any time. “If you have the opportunity, you must fight for it.”